Why Lay-flat is a unique ‘warm’ type of solution.

Why Lay-flat is a unique ‘warm’ type of solution.

The best glue between people is communication. But communication evolves. We live in an era where you can send a message out into the world in a second, there are billions of social media accounts, people spend hours on their mobile phones every day.
But just as quickly messages are deleted and forgotten. How about messages we want to last forever?

We at Peleman are well aware that we live in a digital world, away from print. But we are also 100% convinced that communication that really matters still needs the attention it deserves. Content that needs to be seen and made tangible. The big difference between so-called cold and warm communication.

Today’s communication: Cold vs warm… very warm

In daily life, we are confronted with figures, statistics, percentages, numbers, increases, decreases…cold communication in which accuracy is the driving force. This type of communication is best shared through computer screens, tablets, power points, key notes, emails, pure digital exchange. Do you use this communication to cement your message in the hearts of people?

This is where the ‘warm communication’ steps in : content based on emotions and true feelings. A type of communication that appeals to every single one of us.
Warm content is created by the combination of images:

  • “touchable images” or printed images on paper or panels or whatever carriers in all sizes and forms. Images that can be seen, touched and cherished. No scrolling on mobile phones, but real pictures. Because It Matters.
  • “moving images” : video’s and movies, expressing emotions of life. Which you can see over and over again.

The unique balance between cold and warm communication is important for the future of printing on paper.

The importance of quality and readability

The Peleman team is fully committed to this warm communication and has the opinion that the experience, the perception is extremely important.
Pure warm communications require a warm and touchable carrier like printed photobooks, panels. The quality and readability of these prints are extremely important.

For example:
A remembrance book is something you keep forever. People write nice things, touching things from the heart. But what if the remembrance book keeps flipping back, because the pages won’t lay flat?
The same goes for a photo book. How nice it is if you can go through it without annoying pages turning back. Because of this nuisance, the impact of the content will be mostly ruined. Emotions miss their goal.

To give the full power to the warm message it is necessary that the photobook, the notebook, the remembrance book must easy lay open, easy to read and easy to write a comment or a message near the printed warm message.

The warm communication will have a very long life if there is an excellent combination of quality and readability. This combination is important: good print quality + easy reading and writing.


V-paper: the perfect solution for the best user experience

The printer manufacturers have done a great job during the last years by bringing excellent colour prints, accessible at economic prices.
The binding manufacturers have failed up to today to produce a good solution for the single sheet bound books, which miss the quality of easy open and easy reading.
Finally, today there is the solution with the V-Paper. Books bound with V-Paper lay open and are easy to read and write.

An additional advantage, but not to be underestimated, is the fact that the lay-flat technology frees up more space. Documents, presentations, illustrations can be displayed over 1 or even 2 pages without any problem. Each centimetre counts.

The R&D department of Peleman has developed 2 types of machines to produce the V-Paper. The company of Peleman has a long tradition of more than 80 years to produce and sell consumables, together with tools.
However, the group has no tradition and no structure to sell these more complicated machines to the paper finishing industry.

The V-Paper has been invented to bind photobooks with the steel-spine technology, but the advantages are much broader for many other methods of binding like the Perfect Binders. Thanks to the V-Paper the Perfect Binders can move away from the PUR clue to the much easier to hotmelt. Big savings for the printers in time and in purchase of the binding glue.

The V-Paper and the producing machines to produce the V-Paper are protected with patents. These patents give a 20 years protection, therefor urgency to bring these products to the market is important and crucial.

Nice to know: V-paper is manufactured in Puurs (Belgium). Over 15 million sheets have been shipped to the USA since 2019 to one of their biggest retailers in the market. This year alone, over a quarter of a million sheets have been sold in Belgium. The demand for this solution keeps on growing.

This urgency brings us to the decision to look for a partner to bring these patented products to the worldwide market, because with the V-Paper every printer can produce Lay-Flat books, easy to read and easy to write.

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