A Peleman box as a coaching tool and brand awareness strategy.

A Peleman box as a coaching tool and … brand awareness strategy.

Stefania Verlinden knocked on our door and asked us if we could translate the emotion of her coaching into a box. We sat around the table together and listened to Stefania’s story. The box had to be a work tool as well as a symbol of a depth. The result is a success. Feel free to read along.

“In my coaching I emphasize self-worth and constructive self-communication. A lot of clients have a huge amount of potential and a lot of pure beauty, talents, qualities and abilities, which they hide anxiously, initially for themselves,” stefania says. “They are extremely critical of themselves. That’s why I wrote a DIY book. It is an invitation to improve their self-communication, to think about themselves with more leniency, to talk and to move one step closer to their full potential. Applying the exercises in the box brings more depth to their personal development process and accelerates their progression.”

Stefania Verlinden. The FEEL. In. JOY box.


A box full of ‘personalised daily affirmations’

“Why did I want to release the concept in a box? ‘DIY Coaching Feelset.Box’ FEEL-IN-JOY. I see it as a perfect extension of what I want to convey to my clients. That they are worth choosing quality. Surround yourself with quality, fun things that really suit you and are an enrichment in your life. In that vision, the box fits perfectly. It is a handy work tool that can easily be resorted to, if they are frustrated, angry or saddened and want to gain insight into this. A hold on how to let things go, and it looks fantastic. I’m very proud of it.”

“In the box, things are collected as the FEEL the need. In. JOY-book, the insight cards and the colour chart I work with. I advise my clients to take the box with them every day and work out their personal daily affirmations to begin their day with the right mindset. I notice that the box is also used to store other personal things that help with the process, such as an important photo or essential oil.”

“I see the FEEL-IN-JOY box as a perfect extension of what I want to convey to my clients. That they are worth choosing quality.”


Stefania Verlinden. The FEEL. In. JOY box.

A box as a symbol of a brand

With the box I can also perfectly roll out my brand, my brand as EQualified beyond my practice”, Stefania continues. “The box is personalised and a perfect reflection of what I want to radiate: quality. In addition to my book, the box also contains the tools needed to perform the exercises in the book. Hence the co-creation with Carecoaching, which provides the tools and together we provide even more exercises for even more depth. I notice that personalisation plays an important role here. My clients are worth it and it is important that they feel worthwhile themselves. The box equals ‘time for myself’, and they can literally make that time tangible by working with the box.”

Stefania Verlinden. The FEEL. In. JOY box.


How Peleman has empowered personal coach Stefania Verlinden with this project? We …

  • listened to the EQualified and FEEL-IN-JOY story
  • made several creative proposals
  • created a premium blacked-out box
  • created a manual book
  • designed a ‘Thank You’-card
  • guidance in building brand awareness strategy

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