Peleman opens its first concept store

New concept store

Despite its expansion and distribution into over 120 countries worldwide Peleman, a global leader in the field of printed presentations, photo and lay-flat paper solutions, has never seized to keep eyes and ears open to the needs of its customers and end users. Driven by a relentless ambition to innovate and deliver a unique customer experience when it comes to sharing, preserving and presenting important content and information PELEMAN now opens its first Mr & Mrs Peleman concept store in Valencia, Spain. Leveraging PELEMAN’s four decades of global expertise, the new experience store aims to reinvent the way customers — be it individuals or organisations – preserve and present their images, stories and ideas, by making premium print finishing, previously only available to large organisations, accessible to all.


The Mr & Mrs Peleman store invites visitors to Inspire, Create & Share. End users and organisations step into a world of creativity and are encouraged to bring their ideas to life with the assistance of skilful print finishing experts who guide them through the entire process from choosing the right materials and printing their images or presentations to adding their personal touch to these. Located in the heart of Valencia, the first of its kind retail store (500 m2) offers a wide range of photography products, a photo studio, a corporate branding meeting space, personalisation solutions and various business presentation products to walk-in customers and organisations of all sizes.


“Building on Peleman’s 40 years of experience in working with worldwide companies and print partners in various sectors, we are bringing presentation and photo solutions and services to the market to address the needs and preferences to today’s modern-day customers. Mr & Mrs Peleman is more than a store; it is an experience. Because when it really matters, people still prefer tangible and personalised offers, presentations or and photo memories. At those crucial moments in life or ‘big deals’ it makes the difference between being informed or being impressed. By making these products and technologies accessible to everyone, we are putting the customer in the driver’s seat, thereby allowing them to become creative storytellers of their own images and presentations.” 

Esmeralda Peleman, CEO Peleman Group


The recent launch of the first of its kind Valencia store will soon be followed by the global roll-out of the concept with partnering licensees.


About Mr & Mrs Peleman

Mr & Mrs Peleman Store inspire people and companies to create and boost their brand or messages to leave a unique lasting impression they can share when it truly matters. It is our goal to make innovative expertise available and accessible at the doorstep of every individual and organisation, herewith disclosing over 40 years of experience in binding, printing & personalisation to a wide audience of local and global businesses and consumers. We believe that in a world where information fades Mr. & Mrs Peleman store thus supports its customers to stand out with their messages. We want to make sure important content is seen, read and preserved. Because it truly matters to make a difference between informing and impressing. Customers have immediate access to a wide range of photography and presentation products and personalisation solutions as from 1 single piece. With the assistance of experts, they are able to turn their content into a unique piece with a strong personal identity.

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