SimplyMe shares beautiful moments with the Peleman Kiosk.

SimplyMe shares beautiful moments with the Peleman Kiosk.

A photo kiosk in a beauty salon? Sounds like a strange combination to you? But Sarah Wenes of SimplyMe is convinced: “We try to make the most fun of the waiting time between treatments. In addition, customers often need to see their results.” Now clients can easily print them with Peleman’s photo kiosk and collect these pictures in a photo album or personalised bullet journal!


Born with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Sarah Wenes, is a young mother of Léon. But she is overall a real entrepreneur. Sarah is co-manager of Ergosun & SimplyMe, innovating chains of tanning, beauty and slimming centres. At the age of 18 she joined her father Bert, who has been involved in the tanning salon business since 1998.

Father and daughter, building the beauty salon of the future.

Since a few years Sarah and her father, have been working together, creating a new company: SimplyMe. A contemporary beauty concept where you still have some classic tanning beds and beauty beds with collagen available, but they complement the offer with many additional health and slimming treatments.

When visiting SimplyMe you enjoy special ‘me time’, you go there to work on your (inner) self and to improve your appearance. This is offered in a subscription model, so you pay a fixed monthly fee for a complete tailor-made beauty offer.

Planning for growth. Opening new branches.

This total beauty concept has now been around for 2 years and sits at 8 different locations. “Our aim is to further expand this concept in the coming years. We dream of becoming ‘the Basic-Fit* of beauty’. Due to these challenging times, our recent growth evolution has been a bit delayed, but we will continue to improve our existing locations. And the next step is to boost further expansion with some new SimplyMe branches – that’s for sure!“ says Sarah [proudly smiling].


Make ‘waiting’ something fun and creative with the Peleman Kiosk.

“We have different beauty and wellness treatments available that customers like to combine. There is often a short waiting period between these treatments and we try to make the most fun of this. In addition, customers love to see their results. We take before and after photos. Now they can easily print them with Peleman’s kiosk and collect the pictures in a photo album or personalised bullet journal!

Make beautiful moments in life tangible.

“I strongly believe in the deep human interaction of photo albums”, Sarah continues. “We live in a fast digital infused world and this digital transformation will only exponentially grow further. I am convinced that viewing a physical photo album, together with family and friends, will continue to strengthen the beautiful moments in our lives.”

“And in an era full of hustle and bustle, it is often difficult to find free time to create such an personalised album. If our clients can create this instantly on the Peleman Kiosk during their weekly / monthly SimplyMe beauty moment, then this is a mayor win-win.”



SIMPLE ME @ Antwerpen – Wilrijk – Diest – Borgerhout – Lier – Schoten – Ledeberg – Turnhout

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NOTE * Basic-Fit = With more than 2.1 million members and more than 900 clubs, Basic-Fit is the European market leader in the value-for-money fitness market. SOURCE Wikipedia 05/07/2021

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