Tangible and high-quality products have become a must in the funeral sector.

Tangible and high-quality products have become a must in the funeral sector.

All undertakers play an important role in the grieving process of people who have lost someone. Emotion and quality have become keywords in the funeral sector. Before or during the grieving process, people like to hold on to tangible memories. Timeless and quality products are a must. Johan Dexters, president of the Belgian Federation of Funeral Directors and co-owner of a group of funeral homes, also comes to this conclusion.


‘I’ve been in the business for 30 years now’, says Johan Dexters’, and I have experienced a marked shift in the funeral sector. What is particularly striking is that there has been a shift from product selling to providing a service.

Sharing emotions becomes more important than the funeral itself.

‘We often provide ‘tailor- made solutions for the customer, explains Johan. What we have noticed is that people pay much more attention to holding onto memories. We take care of very general matters in the funeral sector:  organisational and practical matters that need to be done. But in addition, we get much more demand for personalised solutions. A personalised memory book, a beautiful photo panel, a box to store all the keepsakes of the deceased can help with this.’

‘ Relatives or friends attach great importance to a service tailored to their loved one. Video books  provide a personal tribute to the deceased. But also a memory to revisit and cherish. Which is incredibly beautiful, of course.


From product seller to service provider.

“As an undertaker, you must not forget how important you are to the next of kin. You’re one of their first contacts after a death. Funeral centres therefore offer more and more services, because they have noticed that there are family members who need guidance and count on the assistance that you provide. You can really make a difference with this! Total solutions are therefore a great help. The funeral box you have put together is a very simple, but an oh so welcomed product, because it is all about emotion. A book of condolences that can easily be taken home. The box for all sympathy cards or personal keepsakes of the deceased: a ring, glasses, a lock of hair… Memories that can be revisited are very important. ”


The funeral industry experienced a large increase from product seller to service provider. Emotion over product.

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Who is Johan Dexters?

Johan is president of the Belgian Federation of undertakers. Representative for the European Federation and Vice-President of the World Organisation FIAT -IFTA.


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