Binding Machine BCC10

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BCC10 finishes your hardcover books with the same production output as the HardCoverMaker 750A.

The machine has 3 functions:

1 The machine binds by heating up the binding resin.

2 The machine is crimping the heated spine and gluing the bounded paper to the steel spine.

3 The machine cools down the heated spine.

The BCC10 ensures that the printed sheets are perfectly bound into a personalized hardcover book.


  • Capacity of 400 books per hour.
  • Reduced cost as the two processes of binding and casing-in are automated in one process.
  • Low amortization per finished book: the throughput of the BCC10 avoids the necessity of multiple small units.
  • For intensive usage.
  • User-friendly: The only thing the operator has to do, is to place the books into the input tray of the machine (maximum of 10) and remove the bound books. The machine will do the rest of the work automatically.
  • Engineered as a closed environment to provide maximum operator safety. Both loading and unloading trays are closed while the machine is operational.
  • Dry process.


  • Firmly bound books because of the steel spine.
  • Adjustable for various spine sizes and formats.
  • Adjustable binding temperature.
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Call us for a quote at +32 3 889 32 41

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