The V Twister,
When your lay-flat publications deserve that extra twist.

The V Twister turns your double-sided printed and printable paper into lay-flat pages. To ensure that books and publications of all kinds stay open, our innovative technology makes two folds in one single movement creating a double hinge in every sheet of paper.

Compact, fully electric device

Easy to install and to move

No warm-up time

Works independently for up to 45 minutes,

no need for the intervention of an operator.

Suited for small print runs.

Low investment compared to other lay-flat solutions.

The location of the hinge is adjustable in one single run.

More possible applications: thick books,

dust jackets and book covers.

How does the V Twister work?

Load your job in the feeder tray.

Each page is fed into the V Twister and gripped by the clamps at a predefined position.

The clamps move at the predefined angle,
creating a hinge in each sheet.

The sheets are ejected into the output tray

V Twister Process.

Option 1

Workflow for printed sheets

  1. Run your blank paper through the V Twister.
  2. Print on the paper.
  3. Cut sheets to size.
  4. Bind and finish your book.
Option 2

Workflow for blank sheets

  1. Print on oversized paper.
  2. Cut sheets to the size of the book.
  3. Run them through the V Twister.
  4. Bind and finish your book.

Technical details.

V Twister

Speed 1.500 A4 sheets/hour
Weight 70 - 300 g/m²
Sheet size folding length: 480 mm
sheet length: endless
Electrical power 300 Watt (100-240V 50/60Hz)
Infeed height 950 mm +/- 25 mm

V Twister feeder

Speed 1.500 A4 sheets/hour
Weight 70g/m² - 180g/m²
Capacity 45 mm (stack height)
Paper width min. 150 mm x 150 mm
max. 480 mm x 480 mm

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