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Inspire, Create, Share.

For more than 40 years, Peleman has acquired a vast amount of expertise in the field of production and distribution of printed documents and binding machines. A market that saw our company grow into a renowned global player.
With the needs of customer communication dramatically changing in recent years, due to digitalisation, we have been faced with challenges as well as opportunities. Today, more than ever, customer experience dictates how messages are shared, read and processed. That’s why, to meet our customers’demands*-, we have merged all our expertise into a total solution concept, offering them a relevant and lasting customer experience.

In November 2019, we opened our amazing Peleman Shop concept store in the trendy city of Valencia. Walking into the store, is like being immersed in a world full of creativity. It focuses on a unique and total customer experience. Inspire, Create and Share: that’s what it’s all about here, because we believe that there is more to the important and emotional moments of life than just choosing the right cover or presentation box.

With the help of a team of professional designers, customers can turn those moments into something they can hold on to, like a tangible memory. Every customer gets professional advice throughout the entire process: from choosing the right materials, printing out the photos and presentations, to adding a personal touch.
With this concept we respond to the growing need for more experience of both individuals and organisations.

If you’re feeling creative, Peleman Shop is the place to be for you. The store has its own photo studio and meeting rooms.

“Peleman Shop is more than just a store. It’s an experience. Because when it really matters, people still prefer tangible presentations or photo memories. At those crucial moments in life or when closing ‘big deals’, this makes the difference between being informed or being impressed. By making these products and technologies accessible to everyone, customers are now in control. It allows them to become creative storytellers of their own photos and presentations.”
Esmeralda Peleman, CEO Peleman Group

“Peleman Shop is more than just a store. It’s an experience.”

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